Corporate Training

PMS provides workshops tailored to meet the identified needs of a group of employees, Such as the professional development of young engineers. We can also collaborate to provide trading elements that interface with your established in-house training. Courses offered include:

C101 – Routes to ICE membership – Review of academic requirements, options for initial professional development and CPR application process

C102 – Preparing for ICE Chartered Professional Review – Understanding the ICE attributes, and demonstrating achievement at the required level

C103 – Preparing the CPR Report – Advice on choosing your project, customising images and appendices, development of English technical writing skills

C104 – CPR Presentation, Interview and Written Exercise – Focus on the review itself and how to effectively present your specific engineering knowledge, understanding, management and leadership skills

M101 – Project Risk Management – Understanding and development of holistic risk management principals in accordance with ISO 31000.  Allowing the engineer to make risk management an integral part of organisational and decision-making processes

M102 – Change Management – How to manage change in the workplace, including communication soft skills leading to win-win outcomes, providing a competitive edge to continuous improvement

M103 – Sustainability for Engineers – Understanding the principals of sustainable construction and the use of performance indicators to drive a quantitative improvement in project objectives

M104 – Engineering Management Systems – Applying basic management principals to corporate activities in a systematic and holistic process